Dear Potential Client:


My name is Joe Monti and I have been performing more than 25 years.  The years have taught me what works best in ANY situation. No cheesy magic.  Only Magic Castle Quality entertainment brought to YOU!  You will be hiring a professional that will provide you with the best magical entertainment guaranteed. I have worked for top celebrities, non celebrities as well as fortune 500 companies. Please read below...


Why hire me when there are so many Magic Entertainers to choose from?


Only magician performing on HSN nationally for the Holidays.


I've performed for clients in 40 countries and am currently the TV Producer and head Consultant for the #1 TV Magic Series in  History; Criss Angels Mindfreak seen in 90 countries by more than 100 Million people per year.


TV, Corporate and Global experience for more than 25 years.


I'm a family man with a beautiful wife and three beautiful girls.


I have more than 40 videos on YouTube for you to review.


I've performed at more than 300 colleges, 100's of fortune 500 events and have been seen by millions of individuals LIVE!


I've been a regular performer and member of the World Famous Magic Castle since 1982.  I also lecture at the Magic Castle and for magicians around the world.  The magicians that most clients hire come to my lectures. Also I'm a respected member of the Society of American Magicians (SAM) for more than 30 years. Houdini was president of the SAM.


After my show the client will usually book me for the following year. A happy fact :)


The only Magician to lecture to the LAPD recruit instructors on how to keep their students (new LAPD officers) alert and interested in class.


By hiring me you not only speak directly to me but the process is made easy. No sleazy agents to work with. Many agents will send you an amateur and pocket most of the $ you paid.  Sad but true!


No extra charges. My fees are fair and of all the entertainment at your event I have a money back guarantee.  That's a benefit few if anyone offers.


The performance is customized for YOUR event.  No hack, cookie cutter comedy or magic. I have entertained 7 to 7,000. I was the only magician used at the cast parties when the Harry Potter Movie premiered.


Some performers are good at only close-up magic or stage.  I can do both expertly. I've been nominated at the World Famous Magic Castle for my skills


I bring everything; PA, props, magic and an appropriate attitude and sense of humor that has been an event coordinators best money spent. I'm an expert at this and will work with you to make your choice of having me perform at the event a GREAT DECISION. You'll be congratulated for hiring a pro!


All consultations are FREE!  Call  1 (800) 800-MAGIC {6244}